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Tobias Frühmorgen

Tobias Frühmorgen is cinema lecturer for Creative Production, European Film Heritage, and project and thesis supervisor at Lusófona University Lisbon (PT) for the European Master Program KinoEyes (PT_UK_EE_IRL) as well as the Master Film Studies and Cinema Bachelors.
Tobias also works in exchange programs like Looking China (PT_CN) as well as research programs like Filmterm (EE_FI_DE_PT), (DE_HU_PT) and FilmEU Research-Innovation-Transfer (EU). Since 2020 he is also part of the curriculum, pedagogy and artistic research development of the European Universities Alliance for Film and Media Arts – FilmEU as well as project supervisor for a MiniSeries Pilot and coordinator for a joint research project (PT_BE_IRL_EE) on Artificial Intelligence and GTP-3.

From 2021 onwards, he is researching on his artistic based PhD at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg (DE) about „Creative Artificial Intelligence“.